Manual Handwriting Project

Project Details of Manual Form Filling Project (No Target)
Total Page 400 Level Correct Sheets Errors Accepted Payment Per Page
Working Period10 Days A 351 to 400 0 to 40 Rs.150/-
Bonus Rs.3,600/- B 301 to 350 0 to 35 Rs.100/-
Total Payment Rs.60,000/- C 251 to 300 0 to 30 Rs.50/-
Monthly Payment Rs.1,20,000/- D 201 to 251 0 to 25 Rs.20/-
Contract Period 12 Month E151 to 200 0 to 20 Rs.10/-
Handwriting Allowed Single F101 — 150 0 to 15 Rs.8/-
Earning Above Rs. 1500/- Payment & Next JobG51 — 100 0 to 10 Rs.4/-
Earning below Rs. 1500/- Payment but No Next JobH 1 — 50 0 to 5 Rs.2/-

Requirements :

  1. Fresher’s & experience both can apply for the above project .
  2. Minimum of 0 to 2 years relevant hands-on experience working with large amounts of data .
  3. Self-driven and proactive with the ability to identify and execute innovative opportunities
  4. There should not be any kind of stains in the given forms and the forms should not be folded under any condition
  5. Couriers should not be torn, send well-packed couriers on the day of submission.
  6. Handwriting must be neat & clean so that it can be understand .

Note : One who is willing to take this project must have time to spend at least 4 to 5 Hrs on this project . We don’t have any shortcut policy to Earn high income.

Terms & Condition

  1. If a candidate Earn Rs.1500/- or more from the project his/her Bonus amount of Rs.1800/- out of Rs.3600/- will be added in payment of the 1st Project and remaining 1800/- Bonus amount will be added in payment in the 2nd project payout .
  2. The User has to earn Rs.1500/- or more from the current project to continue the contract.
  3. Payment will be done according to above mentioned level as per ERRORS.
  4. If candidate completes the project with more than Single Handwriting the project would be rejected without any conversation & no payment would be made further .
  5. Candidate should have minimum writing speed and working hours should be minimum 6 to 7 hours each day . If required user has to provide more time for this particulars project.
  6. There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the accuracy level achieved by User.
  7. The company will not be responsible for wrong work done due to lack of information or guidelines.
  8. Once the project is delivered, it won’t be take return back.
  9. Read the project Guidelines carefully before starting project .

 After receiving courier, error report and next project (if succeed) will be given after 5 working days.