Excel Numeric Entry


Project Details of Excel Numeric Entry Job

Total Rows4000 Level  RowsErrors AllowedPayment Per Row
1 Row15 Column A3501 — 40001 — 20Rs.10/-
Working Period7 Days B3001 — 35001 — 18Rs.8/-
Bonus Rs.3,000/-  C2501 — 3000 1 — 14Rs.6/-
Eligibility 1500 RowsD2001 — 2500 1 — 10Rs.4/-
Contract Period 12 MonthE1500 – 20001 — 5Rs.2/-
Assignments 2/Month A  21 — 25 Rs 0.50/- Per Row & No Next Job
Single Payment Rs.40,000/- B 19 — 22 Rs 0.50/- Per Row & No Next Job
Full PaymentRs.80000/-C 15 — 20 Rs 0.50/- Per Row & No Next Job
D 11 — 15 Rs 0.50/- Per Row & No Next Job


  1. Fresher’s & experience both can apply for the above project .
  2. Minimum of 0 to 2 years relevant hands-on experience working with large amounts of data .
  3. Self-driven and proactive with the ability to identify and execute innovative opportunities
  4. Must have at least one working laptop / computer / PC to work on the above project
  5. Typing speed should be at least 20 wpm to work on the above project

Note : One who is willing to take this project must have time to spend at least 4 to 5 Hrs on this project . We don’t have any shortcut policy to Earn high income.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The User has to achieve minimum Rs.3000/– from the one project to continue the contract (to get the next project and Bonus) .
  2. There will be no mix-up levels in regards of payment & payment will be paid according to the Error level achieved by User .
  3. Candidate has to submit minimum 1500 Rows for acceptance of Assignment. If candidate submit below 1500 Rows, assignment/project wouldn’t be accepted .
  4. Company will not be responsible for the project not completed by the Candidate because of any kind of technical failure in his/her system/Laptop/PC etc.
  5. If the number of ERRORS exceeds more than 25 errors in a project, then that project will be considered as cancelled & contract would be Terminated .
  6. The company will not be responsible for wrong work done due to lack of information or guidelines.
  7. Once the project is delivered is not take return back .
  8. Carefully Read Instructions / Guidelines before starting the project .