Risika Softech Solutions

Data Entry Service

Data entry processes in all forms consistently require accuracy and significant time. Data entry tasks can become even more challenging when multiple time zones and languages are involved. To help businesses manage all data entry tasks, Risika Softech provides customized and cost-effective online data entry services. Improving turnaround time for any data entry process is often a high priority because accurate final data is needed for time-sensitive applications like invoices, insurance claims, legal documents, and product catalogs. Another key area where expedited data entry performance is essential is customer support for functions like shipping and customer feedback.

Data Typing Project

This project is based on medical content which is given in form of image files in specified software of Company. User has to install the software in his/her laptop or desktop. Company provides licence number to activate the software. There are 200 pages of A4 size in a project. There are 55 to 60 lines a page. It is an offline no target based project.

Handwriting Project

It is handwriting based form filling project. Data is relating to students’ education. Raw data is provided through company’s and forms are sent through courier service directly to user’s residential or official address. User is required to fill forms using Data Sheet and send completed project to Company. There is no target in the project.

Excel Numeric Entry Project

This project is based on business application ids of company. Ids are numeric or digit based only. No alphabets, no space and no symbols would be there. There are 15 columns in a row. Data provided in form of image file has to be entered in excel sheet of software provided by company.

12 Box Form Filling Project

This project is based on information of students. There are 12 boxes in a form. Copy – Paste of content can be done in 7 boxes which are common for all forms. Data has to be entered into software provided by company. It is a no target based project.